No.30: Thyroid disruption special issue

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Thyroid gland by Grays Anatomy, from Wikimedia

The thyroid gland. (Image: Grays Anatomy, Wikimedia.) Click to enlarge.

As endocrine-disrupting chemicals assume increasing importance as an issue of concern, this month H&E focuses on thyroid disruption, with three short articles explaining:

  • background on how disruption can occur and how it is measured;
  • the potential consequences of thyroid disruption on health;
  • and a summary of some chemicals which have been observed to have thyroid-disrupting effects.

In addition to links in the text, we have included a short reading list of papers helpful for understanding the issues.

Thyroid disruption is a very complex issue and we make no claim to have covered it in anything approaching its entirety. We hope, however, to have provided a concise and helpful overview of the issues.

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UK criticised over cost of bringing environmental cases

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GavelIn an interesting legal development, reported in the Ecologist, a UN committee has found that bringing environmental cases to court in the UK entails unreasonable financial risks.

The Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee agrees, saying the UK’s legal system does not ‘remove or reduce financial barriers to access to justice’.

The UK has already been warned by the EU Commission about the unfair cost of challenging decisions that impact on the environment.

Click here for the full story.

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